"Light-Color Money: Three-dimensional Digital Money That Can Express Uniqueness and Diversity of Value Beyond LETS"

Nishibe, M.
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Proceedings of 5th Biennial RAMICS International Congress in Japan
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September 11th -15th, 2019,Hida-Takayama, Japan
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We understand that changing the way money today will be a breakthrough in overcoming the problems caused by free investment in globalization, which is the long-term tendency of expanding Market for exchange and shrinking Community for reciprocity and State for redistribution. Among community currencies, LETS is the most general form as integrative communications media of money and language and has a significant potential to solve the problems of globalization and create alternative socioeconomic markets independent of capitalist markets. However, conventional money including LETS is scalar money to evaluate things only quantitatively with one-dimension so that it might have defects of monochrome reduction of everything. We thus conduct a thought experiment on light-color money with such three dimensions as RGB so as to qualitatively evaluate not only products and services, including volunteer activity and shadow work, but also social and natural environments and resources more diversely. The several properties of light-color money derived from the rule of complementary colors are unique, so there is a large potential to use it to make our socio-economy non-capitalistic, sustainable, and diverse. Because it is not difficult to implement light-color money in ICT environments, it is worth to carry out a social experiment to test its feasibility and applicability.


Globalization, Free investment, Community Currency, LETS, ESG, Light-Color Money